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  • by April Copeland

Bluegrass Blue Jeans & Bling Gala

On Saturday September 16, 2017 Southwestern Community College will host it's 3rd annual Bluegrass Blue Jeans & Bling Gala to help support Student Scholarships. This year I decided to participate to the cause by donating one of my photography pieces to their silent auction. The image (shown below) was taken at Cape Charles Natural Area Preserve on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Although this image was taken several years ago before I decided to move out to the mountains of North Carolina, I've found that since I've come to the mountains, many people enjoy seeing my work of the beach and coastal areas. It's interesting because I'm fascinated with the mountains, hiking, the forests and trails, where as everyone that has been here for a while, or grown up in the mountains is fascinated with the beach and water. I guess the grass is truly greener on the other side! So I thought by donating a piece of my work that is of a coastal nature that it may attract more attention for bidders to help raise money.

Cape Charles Natural Area Preserve, Eastern Shore, Virginia

So it will be interesting to see how it sells, and I ended up finding a really nice cream colored frame and matt to go with it. If you are also wanting to find out more information on the Bluegrass Blue Jeans & Bling Gala as well, below is a direct link:

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