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April Copeland Photography is now April McNiff Photography!

Hi everyone! It has certainly been a while since my last update on my blog portion of my website. A lot of updates to provide you all. Things in both my personal life as well as my Photography are looking brighter and brighter each day.

You may recognize this gentleman in the image, as I have shared other blog photos of my photography outings that have included him in it. Kevin and I eloped in October of 2019. It was a rainy and chilly day, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

I would like to thank our Wedding/Elopement Photographers who did an amazing job. Even a Photographer such as myself needs a Photographer every once in a while. Veronica and Jeff with Woven Strands Photography were amazing, and we hope that you will consider them if you are looking for an Asheville area event/wedding photographer. Here is a link to their website:

So the recurring question for a lot of Women who are in the arts (artist, photographer, actor, musician, etc.) should I keep my last name? It was something that I contemplated as I was not sure that changing my last name would have any disadvantages to my photography. I decided that it was a good time to change over. I feel that for those that follow me as an artist, they would understand and get used to my new name/website. So now you can visit my webpage the same as before, but instead

Other updates, I'm going on week 4 of teleworking from home with my regular full time job (non photography related). It certainly has been an adjustment for me, and I know everyone right now is going through a lot (some way more than others). I'm grateful to have a job that allows for me to work from home. I'm also grateful for other opportunities to continue despite event and show cancellations, galleries being closed, and limited access to some of the best places that I like to visit for capturing my photography work. I'm still going through photos that I've previously taken and revisiting some editing. I'm also enjoying some extra time at the house prepping the garden and working in the yard. Spring is upon us, and nature is giving us a sign that we should slow down, pause and take time to breath and listen.

This upcoming week I will be doing a Guest Speak/Presentation (via Zoom) for the Foothills Photography Club in Georgia. First time trying out a Photography presentation via video conferencing so we will see how it goes! Stay tuned as I plan to write another blog post about some highlights on my presentation. I plan to also post my top 5 phone apps that I like to use, and also some of my go to books that I use for my Photography.

Also, I currently have some of my work being featured with The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts located in Highlands, NC. One of my latest pieces "Phal Equestris", seen below, is available on canvas with The Bascom for purchase.

You may find a link to The Bascom's Facebook post regarding this piece here:

So that's all for now, and as always keep in touch. Let me know how you are doing, and for my fellow artists keep creating!

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