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  • by April Copeland

Ahh Winter is Here and I'm Loving It!!

I know most people are reading my heading to my blog post and are thinking "Are you crazy! We hate the cold!" but to a photographer such as myself I love Winter.

My favorite season is Fall, but Winter is a close 2nd place. I love how the weather and mother nature's changes create these photographic opportunities. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to receive 4 inches of snow in my area, and I certainly took advantage of getting out to get some opportunistic shots.

Now I always take caution when venturing out, no matter what the weather or situation presents itself with. I always check the weather forecast, dress accordingly, and if venturing out a ways from my vehicle I always make sure to bring a bag with gear and my cell phone just in case if I need it. I try not to travel by myself, but if I'm alone I always provide my plans to my boyfriend. Luckily for me, Kevin also loves the snow and winter so he was happy to venture out with me.

The photo above shows us having a selfie moment in front of the Dry Falls in the Nantahala National Forest near Highlands, NC. As you can see the ice had formed along the waterfalls with the snow to create a gorgeous Winter Wonderland.

This waterfalls is easily accessible by the main road with a very short walk along a paved path. Kevin and I did wear crampons on our hiking boots just in case if it got too steep and icy.

I will be editing some photos over the next couple of days that I took of Dry Falls, Bust Your Butt Falls, as well as some photos walking around the woods near my place. I hope you get a chance to enjoy viewing them even if you do not like venturing out in the cold.

Until next time!

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