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Please help me in the Fine Art America Photo Contest!

Hi everyone. I have entered one of my photographs into the Fine Art America National TV Commercial Photography contest. This means that 3 winners will be chosen by photographer Anne Geddes to appear in the Fine Art America National TV Commercial.

This is a great opportunity for my photography to get exposure. The only requirement that is needed with your help is to get 250 votes by February 28th, 2015!! So far I have acquired 117 votes from everyone, so I still need 133 more.

Below is the link to the site page with my photo titled "Mother and Child". There should be a vote button above the photo that you can click on to vote. It will ask you to either sign in with Facebook or a Fine Art America account (this is for them to prevent people from scamming the votes).

I have also discovered that sometimes depending on your browser that you are using, if you click the link and it already says "Thank you for your vote! Cancel your vote" that means that the vote didn't count. If this happens please try a different browser. Hopefully Fine Art America will get this issue corrected soon.

So please share, post, comment, and tell others to help out!


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