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Welcome to my Blog and Website!!!

Hello everyone. I'm excited to share my new photography website and blog. My old website needed a major overhaul and I had many ideas I wanted to incorporate into my new website and blog design.

I was looking for a website that would showcase my photography work, and also give viewers the opportunity to see who I am and why I love to do what I do.

You will notice that this is my first blog, and it has been since around 2010 from my last website. I hope that my blog and website will engage your interest in wanting to visit my site periodically.

Some interesting things about my blog and website:

You will notice I have both mobile and desktop capabilities so that you can also enjoy while on the go.

I added a travel page to show some of the great locations that I have experienced, and I will interact that page with my blog to share great stories of these locations and show some of the photographs from these trips.

I also have a gallery page with pricing and a shopping cart if you would like to purchase some of my work You can also order frames and accessories as well.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions, and I'm always happy to hear any suggestions, feedback, or kudos. Please also take the time to check out my Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well.

I'm looking forward to sharing more work and experiences with everyone!

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